Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Borrowing another Pinterest idea!

Happy Wednesday friends!

So, I have realized while working on the last couple of projects that having a dress form makes life soooo much easier! But, seriously, who has an extra $200 to spend on one?!

Well.. thanks to Pinterent, I was able to MAKE one for $4! All you need is a good friend [or in my case, little sister!], a new role of duck tape or two, an old t-shirt, piece of cardboard and something to stuff your new dress form with.
Welcome to my MESS! 

You start wrapping the tape around until you get to right below the bust..

Because our conjures are different on top, its best to place the tape vertically

Next we did the shoulders - as seen below. 

We went all around again and TADAA! Almost all done!

My lovely sister chopped the duck tape shirt up the back - with the red shirt included - make sure to worn your friend NOT to cut your under shirt. We traced a piece of cardboard and taped it to the bottom, then filled the form with plastic bags so its would keep its shape!

And thats alll folks! Cost $4 and took less than an hour.

Notice the craft bins in the background? Sorry I didn't clean up for you! ...don't expect me to in the future :]

Have a great night friends
with love, Abby

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