Sunday, September 9, 2012


TWO for ONE!

I splurged on this dress at Good Will for $6.99
but I LOVE the fabric!!

Notice the sash/belt? good. It'll come back around!
After I got home I realized there was a zipper on the left side.
So naturally... I Pinterested it (yes, "Pinterest" can be a verb)

I started with my seem ripper to take the zipper off

zipper off, check!

Next I sewed a straight line about 3 inches below the elastic to keep the two skirt layers together and chopped the dress in half.

I threw the top part aside and carried on

Did a zig zag stitch on the zipper about halfway down in order to catch the zipper and chopped it in half - 'twas wayyyyy to long!

I learned this great trick online and started by sewing up the side of the dress where I wanted the zipper to go and ironed it flat.

Then placed the zipper on the seam and taped it down (another trick I stole from Pinterest)

I used a straight stitch as close to the zipper as allowed and sewed all the way around. 
Pulled the tape off
and used the seem ripper to take the thread out of where the zipper would appear.
Tada - invisible zipper!!

The hem on the bottom was perfect so I didn't want to touch it.. I measured the length and cut from the top. I cut it at a slight angle so the front would be shorter than the back - I'm lovin the low-to-high look!  Took the sash that came with the dress and sewed it on as the top high waisted piece allowing the skirt to scrunch and ruffle.

The sash has about 10 inches extra on each side in the back
which I tied in a cute lil bow

Wear and

The top turned out to be PERFECT for my pencil skirt


Thanks guys!
I hope you were inspired :]
with love,

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