Sunday, October 28, 2012

Easy Cheetah Maxi Refashion

Hello friends!

I had a couple hours free this Saturday and decided to venture into Goodwill and came out with three refashionable dresses! I knew exactly what to do with this stretchy cheetah dress - MAXI SKIRT! I've been looking for the perfect maxi all summer - even attempting to sew one without a pattern (#fail)! - needless to say, I'm excited about this one! 

Used 1 1/2" thick knit elastic - the thickest I could find

Took the elastic, measured it around my waist where I wanted the skirt to sit and put a pin to mark it.

Next, I laid the top of the dress on my ironing board to chop the arm and neck holes off

Handy dandy yard stick for a straight line!

Chop chop!

 I measured the hem for 2 inches to give slack for the hem and pinned it down all way around. Now, I am going to be honest... I'm lazy. The hem would look ten thousand times better if the fabric was folded in twice and than sewn but common, who looks at the seem inside my skirt??

and give it a little sew sew. I did leave about a two inch gap to feed the elastic through.

Elastic time! I used a safety pin to feed it which did made it a little easier to pull through.

After the elastic was through, I pinned the two ends and sewed them together.

Next, I sewed up the two inch gap left for the elastic (where the pins are in the picture below - notice how the gap is laying flat and the fabric in the far left is extra scrunched - obvious but worth noting) and we are good to go!

Final step - try her on!! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

Thanks all!

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  1. This is ADORABLE!!! I check your blog regularly!!!!! Always anxious and excited for the next post! you're amazing! miss you!!! <3 Kristen