Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer Adventure!!

The countdown is ON until July 10th when I leave my family’s business, comfortable home, amazing friends & family, incredible boyfriend and fly off to SPAIN for 3 months.

The trip originated with an inquiry to my friend/mentor Debbie begging for a trip to shake up our lives – we’d been talking about doing a mission trip to Jamaica or Kanya to get a new perspective and appreciation for life. Debbie suggested doing El Camino de Santiago. My eyes watered – I’d always wanted to do a pilgrimage! El Camino de Santiago (also known as The Way of St. James) is most famously known as the route that the disciples of James, the brother of John and disciple of Jesus, carried his body after he was murdered and buried his bones in Santiago where a big cathedral was built in his honor.

The Camino sea shell guides the way
Thousands of pilgrims a year have walked this route - some with the same basis of faith and some without. But everyone finishes a different person. The walk is known to deepen your faith and broaden your perspective.

Debbie & I decided we were going to take 3 weeks, fly to Spain, walk 500 miles and come home as different people. 


Out of the blue, a friend of mine posted on facebook that he has a friend in Barcelona that was looking for an AuPair for the summer. On a whim, I sent an email to the family and waited (very impatiently) for a response. They replied, we had a FaceTime interview the next week and after interviewing a few other applicants, they offered me the job the following week.

The deal is, I’ll fly to Barcelona on July 10th and we’ll spend the weekdays in the city and the weekends at their summer home in Cadaques in September and then in August we’ll be going full-time to the summer home on the Mediterranean Sea in Caqaques.

Cadaques, Spain
Debbie will fly in on September 11th and we’ll head to Saint-Jean-Peid-de-Port, Spain in order to begin our 500 mile walk to Santiago along the northern coast of the country. Along the route, we’ll stay in hostiles, eat with locals and walk 12-20 miles a day through the Pyrenees Mountains. We are prepared for blisters, scraps, lost toe nails, laughter, tears, good food, uncomfortable beds, new friends, and most importantly, we’re prepare to hear from God along The Way.

The Northern Route on El Camino de Santiago

Pilgrims trekking through the Pyrenees Mountains

Please join me along the way – each vulnerable, precious moment of the journey.



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  1. I am so glad you will have this blog about your journey and adventures. I will definitely be keeping tabs and praying for you.
    Mary D