Monday, August 1, 2016

Spain || Week Three

Monday, July 25th

Adventure of the day: It was a relaxing day after getting in late from spending the weekend in Cadaques. Marta and I rode bikes into town, went to a craft store and spent time at our favorite cafe reading and doing homework.

Tuesday, July 26th

Adventure of the day: Mount Montserrat! In Montserrat, nature, spirituality and culture join together to provide a transcendent visit. According to legend, originally a cave with holy artifacts, sculptures & drawings was miraculously discovered by shepherds over 1,000 years ago. Since then, this site has grown into a Monastery that still houses 60 monks who run the facility in addition to their regular duties of prayer and service. The amount of hand carved, gold plated, hand painted detail and mosaic floors inside the basilica is incredible!"The pilgrim who walks up the mountain to the sanctuary, the stranger who discovers it's beauty and spirituality for the first time, the worshipper who makes an offering to the patron saint, the guest who finds the longed-for retreat.. All visitors will find in Montserrat an outstanding site where the geographical formations encourage us to give free reign to our imaginations, where the holiness of the sanctuary fosters devotion, where culture finds sublime expression."

Overlooking the Monastery

Wednesday, July 27th

Adventure of the day: taking a 5 hour bus tour of all the AMAZING landmarks worth seeing in Barcelona. There are so many pictures and coordinating historical stories to share... But the favorite of my eyes today: Palau Nacional & the fountains. The Palace was built around 1900 and is now home to the National Art Museum of Catalonia.

Palace & Fountains

La Familia by Guadi
Whole bus to myself #flyingsolo

Thursday, July 28th

Adventure of the day: Farris Wheel Ride on top of the mountain overlooking Barcelona

Tibidabo Basilica 
Tibidabo Basilica
Mirror on the roof of our ride

Friday, July 29th

Adventure of the day: Aquarium! Albert was concerned why anyone would want to swim with sharks - so I explained to him what adrenalin was and how crazy people (like me) LOVE doing dangerous things. #teachablemoment? Heading to Cadaques for the next 3 weeks!

Saturday, July 30th

Adventure of the day: Octopus Fishing. Well, Jorge did the fishing - I only held it. 

Sunday, July 31st

Adventure of the day: kaiaking! ...I can't get over the view of the city. Pictures can't capture the magic of this village ❤️

after a light rain, God showed us His most beautiful promise
Sunday Night Sunset