Monday, July 25, 2016

Spain || Week Two

Monday, July 18th

Adventure of the day: baking muffins with the kids, building a castle fort, cooking lunch for Mama and shopping in town. One thing I learned in the City Center today, body language does not need to be interpreted. 

Makeup free. Sea-salty hair. Gap cap.

Tuesday, July 19th

Adventure of the day: hiking 4 miles with Marta & Albert and taking a slight (2.5 mile) detour... Tonight, I went to the Barcelona History Museum. The museum brings you underground where they have excavated an entire town with artifacts dating back to 15BC. It was incredible!
At the History Museum, located in the Gothic District, I learned that some of the first humans settled in this area - they have artifacts from 4,000+ BC. 

Monestir de Montserrat

Wednesday, July 20th

Adventure of the day: Pajama Pamper Party with Marta while Albert was at a doctors appointment and then attending the mid-week church service overlooking the most beautiful mountain range! 

Thursday, July 21st

Adventure of the day: falling in love. His name is GAUDI and he was an architect, painter, sculptor, creator, innovator, philanthropist and proud Catalan. The kids and I spent a few hours at the Gaudi Museum and a new friend took me on a walking tour of Guadi's Art throughout the city. We ended the tour by climbing to the top of the 2nd highest peak for the best view of the city lit by the sun setting. 

Unfinished Church by Guadi
Two Guadi Buildings in Barcelona

Friday, July 22nd

Adventure of the day: taking the Telefèric de Montjuïc (cable car) to the top of a mountain overlooking the sea with beautiful panoramic views of the city. At the top of the mountain is a Fortress built in the 11th century that was upgraded to a castle around 1700AD. 

So excited for our cable car ride!

Saturday, July 23rd

Adventure of the day: Exploring Cadaques and hearing so clearly from God! This village is paradise ❤️

Playing in the Mediterranean Sea

Sunday, July 24th

Adventure of the day: admiring Marta play violin in the village while the sun set & assisting Albert sell lemonade! 



This week I had a couple of really remarkable moments and had the opportunity to pray for two different strangers! To be across the world and in just the right spot for God to move is an incredible experience. Isolation and being out-of-routine is exactly what the doctor ordered to refocus my mind and life. #sograteful

much love!