Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Easy DIY Pillowcase Dress

Good afternoon!

I received an email from my Aunt a while ago about an organization who's mission is to create a world where every little girl owns at least one dress! Women from all over the globe partner with this organization called Dress a Girl Around The World ( to send dresses to every part of the world. I have decided to join the cause!

Here is the easy step-by-step process of making cute pillowcase dresses for little girls! 

Start with a pillowcase - of course, mine is zebra print. :]

Fold the pillowcase in half the long way to cut the arm holes

Cut the arm holes out - for the pattern, go here!

 Unfold the pillowcase and cut the top seem off.

Time to pull out the iron! Fold both edges at 1/4inch to get a clean hem pressing with the iron.

Fold one more time at the 1inch mark, iron and pin.

 Pin and run through the machine as close to the edge as possible!
** If you want a ruffle at the top of the dress, as you'll see below, sew a second line measuring 3/4' from the previous sewn line to create a tube for the elastic to be stringed through. You'll want to make the fold a bit deeper as well. I have been doing 1.5' instead of 1' (see previous step).

Cut a piece of elastic and put a safety pin on one side to thread through the neckline. Sew the first end going back and forth on the machine then pull the elastic through with the safely pin to the other side and sew again - you will be creating a ruffle so don't be afraid if you feel like your elastic isn't long enough.

Can you see where the elastic is securely sewn?

Next comes the hard part - binding! Choose your color and make sure there is a double fold - to give you a clean look. You'll want lots of extra on both sides to tie a bow at the top. Find the halfway mark and pin the binding at the center of the arm hole. Carefully pin up the sides of the armhole.

Thread your machine to match the color of you binding and began to sew! I usually do a small zigzag because it is CUTE and can catch any fabric that has shifted.

Add decoration and taduh!!

Special thanks to my lovely models! You can see I took the zebra dress up a few inches from the first picture and used it on the bottom of the blue dress. Then I added the pink piece to the zebra!

Notice the ruffle? My favorite part!

I ended up shorting this dress to just above her little knees! 

I am selling my dresses for $12.00 and with every purchase I'll be shipping a dress to my favorite orphanage in Guatemala called Casa Angelina. 

I hope this will help you create your own wonderful masterpieces in the future!
Let me know if you have any questions or would like to purchase a dress and in turn purchase a dress for a little girl in Guatemala.

God Bless,

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