Saturday, January 25, 2014

DIY Cord Strap

I impulsively bought a beautiful laptop case - problem is: it's wide open with no pockets or sections. My computer cord ends up unwrapped from itself and engulfing everything else in the bag. SO it need some TLC. This is an easy project for headphones, phone charger or any long cord.

I decided to make a strap to keep it in place. It took me no more then 30 MINUTES - I promise, it's that easy!

What you need:

  • Two scraps of coordinating fabric
  • Velcro (button or snaps work too)
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine (DUH)
For Christmas, I made a computer case out of these fabrics and I LOVED them together


  • Cut the fabrics 2.5"X12.5" for an Apple computer cord (adjust as needed)
  • Pin right sides together
I curved one end to give it some character
  • Sew the edges leaving an inch gap to pull fabric through
  • Flip inside out
  • Iron well
  • Iron and pin the hole in place
  • With coordinating thread, sew along the outside edge making sure to secure the gap you pulled the fabric through.
  • I used iron-on velcro but a button or snaps would work well too. Pay attention when ironing these on - with the curved edge, put the velcro on the back side. Measure it around your cord and place the second velcro on the front side toward the bottom.  

  •  Tada!! Your computer cord, head phones or phone charger will be kept clean and organized while being bounced around throughout the day!  

lots of love & coffee,

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