Monday, January 27, 2014

DIY Waterfall Cardigan

I found a few lovely pieces at Goodwill this week and asked for help decided which to start with.. an overwhelming amount of votes chose dress #1!

Floral Dress - Waterfall Cardigan

I started with folding the dress in half sideways with seems together.

Chopped it at an angle for the waterfall effect starting in the back and gradually getting longer toward the front. You want to make sure that you start cutting straight out then start going down so you don't get a pointy spot in the middle when unfolded. I ended at a pretty sharp angle because I want the waterfall effect in the front.

Next, I snipped it down the middle, starting at the center of the neck to create the cardigan.

This is where we are so far - low to high seam and open front!

Took it in about 8 inches.

Cutting off the extra material after it has been sewn, leaving some extra (to the left) to work with for the sleeve.

I cheated with the sleeve and folded it straight in just extending the side seam.

After folding and ironing well, I ran it through the sewing machine and ironed again - here we are!

Finishing with hemming the bottom and both sides around the neck.

Paired with leggings, a belt and boots - we're ready to go!

I have A LOT of extra fabric so I experimented with high waisted shorts! (I did not do a step-by-step because I was reeeeeally experimenting)

Say "hi" to my little brother, Jake, in the reflection!

More then just a hobby...

As I mentioned, I put three photos up on facebook & instagram for friends to vote on the dress that they want me to refashion first. The overwhelming winner was this dress - hence, the blog! I did not expect this one to be chosen but was hopeful.. let me explain why.

But first... a friend asked me on Sunday which dress I was going to start with and I asked which they voted for. He said, "I voted for the first one.. that one seems the least savable! I don't even know what you will be able to do with that!" I was a little taken back because to me this dress had the very MOST potential! It was just waiting to be taken care of and given the right shape & style, therefore, purpose. 

God spoke to me then... some people look at us and say, "She is unsavable" or "I don't even know what anyone will be able to do with that!" "You're no good" But I promise you - God sees more potential in us then we can ever see in ourselves! He gets excited about all He can do and where He can take us!! Have hope in a God that knows our past, all our flaws, our future and STILL loves us enough to sacrifice His beloved child. 

I'm humbled by this truth. Refashioning clothes has become more then just a hobby to me. It's an escape, a release and worship.



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