Thursday, November 8, 2012

Easy DIY: Low-to-High Skirt

Good afternoon friends!

I've had this guy in my closet for a couple months know while contemplating what to do with him - so many options! One suggestion was to make shorts (I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet), another option would be a one-sholder dress (I think I'll save that for next time) so I decided to make a low-to-high skirt :)

Did I mention it only cost $0.99!
Start by turning the skirt inside out and fold it in half - I have the front to the right and back to the left. I put the skirt on and placed a pin where I wanted the skirt to fall above my knee.
Next I used white chalk to draw a line from my pin to the bottom of the skirt. Be careful to make sure the front and back are straight with the angle in-between otherwise you'll get a funny 'peak' in the front or back. **This is the MOST IMPORTANT PART**

I pinned the skirt along the chalk line to guarantee there was no movement and crooked lines

Chop chop!

Next for the hem...

I had the skirt inside out, folded the material in 1/6" (roughly) and pinned the outside - it was awkward at first but it made the next step easier.

After I pinned the skirt in 1/6" (roughly) all the way around I started the second fold. This I did at 1/2" using this handy-dandy tool thingy [below], ironed and pinned it down. This will give it a nice finish!

The hem
Sewing time!

Gave it a quick iron and thats it!
Love it!!

before & after

Thank you for stopping by!
Give it a try and let me know how it goes!!

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  1. Abby! You are seriously talented! I'm seriously blown away!!!